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Rules /atleast follow a few one xD/

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1Rules /atleast follow a few one xD/ Empty Rules /atleast follow a few one xD/ on Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:55 pm

First of all if u wanna see more bout the forum u need to registrate.
1. Dont use obscen words.
2. Keep ur pervo minds back a bit, u can be pervo, just theres a limit, so keep it in mind.
3. Dont hurt ur mates, u can be honest, just gently.
4. If anyone needs ur helps, dont keep urself back, help that person.
5. Were up for helping when we can, just please understand that all of us got their own dailies, thats all. We need to finish them too.
6. Our weekly events can be found in guild life post ~
7. If u wanna leave the guild, PLEASE let us know. We wanna make this guild so much better, but if u guys wont help us, this wont happen, sadly...

Later there will be more informations bout few quests, if u cant understand anything just ask it @ the topic what is open for this or if u can find it here, search it out.
Were helpin as much as we can .

Lets show the other guilds, that Shadow Chaos is a great guild too c:

Rules /atleast follow a few one xD/ Let_it_bee__by_prezmez-d6npp88

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